My first drawing (in a long time)

My first drawing (in a long time)

I had artist’s block for more than a decade. Why, I’m not sure. In the process of studying art, I got the idea that drawing didn’t matter, and that drawing with pencil especially didn’t matter. I was tired of trying to do everything except that one thing. So I became a knitter, and I knitted very small, intricate patterns. I found the repetitious nature of knitting soothing, and much better than making nothing, but I couldn’t bring myself to call myself an artist.

My first drawing (in a long time) was of a praying mantis. I’d always drawn people, and, with their enormous eyes, long limbs, and flexible necks, mantises are similarly expressive and gestural. I was at a cave photography convention in southwest France, and my very favorite comment on my drawing was “what kind of a person would draw something like that?”



3 thoughts on “My first drawing (in a long time)

  1. kestrelart says:

    Thanks for calling by. Of course i followed you back here. Congratulations on your new blog. This looks to be interesting. I admired both the biological diagram and the more artistic drawing of the ant (if ant it is – i cant identify insects). I saw your comments on your artistic journey. I hope you keep at this and blog what ever you produce even unfinished unpolished sketches.

    • lithezebra says:

      Thanks, kestrelart. I have a stack of figure drawings from the last few months to photograph, probably all highly unfinished. I’ve not looked through them yet. I was always turning to a new sheet of paper before I could think about anything I had drawn.

      (It’s a praying mantis. Ants are pretty too. I’ve tried drawing beetles, but they’re too static. Birds, as you ably demonstrate, are wonderfully expressive in motion and gesture.)

  2. julzH says:

    Thanks for following my blog, lithezebra. That’s your first one after a decade? Then I should follow this blog.

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